Yes, I'm interested in a soft landing

while I figure out my next gig.

Wondering what to do next?

You are not alone. Join other previous  startup founders to disrupt the cable/media industry.

Innovators In Residence

(All data is private and never shared)

For every startup founder, there comes a time when you are no longer leading the company.  Maybe it was a happy outcome, maybe not.  In either case, now is a good opportunity to refresh, and refocus on new opportunities.

Innovators in Residence is a program exclusively for previous startup founders.

Take a breath.  There is a soft landing for #ex-startup-founder's.  If you are selected as an Innovator in Residence, you will get to do what you love, get paid well and maybe even find your next great idea.   

So, that happened.

What you will get:

Revolving short term contracts

Ability & time to research new ideas

Competitive compensation

Simple & clear intellectual property assignments & boundaries

A chance to network with other startups & founders from around the world

If you find an innovation project in-house that you love, let's talk about funding it & spinning it out as your next startup

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Innovators In Residence is an exclusive program for startup founders that are between gigs.  Created by CableLabs/UpRamp to help improve peoples experience with cable & broadband.  Because we believe that opportunity will thrive when companies, communities and networks connect.  Have a question? Drop us an email at